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The Bible is the word of God for the people of God.

As we read through the Bible, we see God's redemptive story unfold, from Genesis to Revelation, and see how God interacted with His chosen people, first the Israelites and then the Church.

As members of God's universal Church, we are invited to be a part of this story.

Below are multiple reading plan options. If you have any questions, we'd love to talk with you about what plan would be best for you. 

Reading plans are to help us - not to hinder us. The goal is to be spending time with God.

Bible Reading Plan in 365 Days

This reading plan is crafted in a way to read the whole Bible in a year. Most days include four chapters: two from the Old Testament, one from a Poetic book, and and one from the New Testament.

There are breaks throughout the plan to help with pacing and for catching up as needed. 


This plan can be started at any time and be picked back up at any time. This plan is for you, use it however it makes sense.

The goal is to  be reading the Bible.

Printed plans are also available in person in the lobby of Bucklin FMC.

More Reading Plans and Suggestions

We encourage you to reference the BibleProject for introductory videos of each book. Visit or find on YouTube.

There are several ways, plans, and orders in which to read the Bible. Some are built to read the whole Bible in a year while others are crafted for seasons or months.

You can find a great list of types of plans with PDFs at Ligonier Minisistries

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