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Spiritual Disciplines

Sunday Evening Discussion Group at 4:30 PM in the Bucklin FMC Worship Center Basement

Introduction to Spiritual Disciplines

Curious about Spiritual Disciplines? Want to know more? Listen to Pastor Dan Cones' sermon on the Spiritual Disciplines from Sunday, August 28 to learn more, then check out the handouts from each small group session of the Spiritual Disciplines.

Spiritual Disciplines - Small Group Sessions

Session 1: An Introduction to the Spiritual Disciplines

The Spiritual Disciplines are experiential Christianity which God designs for all people to participate in so as to live a transformed life of authenticity in the Spirit. (Session 1, 8/28)

Session 2: Meditation

Meditation is the Spiritual Discipline of hearing and obeying God's voice. Hear God's voice, obey God's voice. But in order to hear and Obey God's voice, we must first Center-Down ("unplug"), get comfortable in the silence in order to hear God's voice. 

(Session 2, 9/4)

Session 3: Prayer

In prayer, God meets us where we are for life creating, life changing transformation. 

(Session 3, 9/11)

Session 4: Fasting

Do we know how to live on every word that comes from the mouth of God? Is this our food? 

(Session 4, 9/18)

Session 5: Study

It is in study that we place our minds fully upon God and His kingdom through repetition, concentration, comprehension, and reflection.

(Session 5, 9/25)

Session 6: Simplicity

Join us, Sunday, 10/2 at 4:30 PM for Session 6 on Simplicity.

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